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Captain Bogg and Salty – Bedtime Stories for Pirates

Bedtime Stories for Pirates album coverCaptain Bogg and Salty are a pirate-themed band in Portland, Oregon. Their live shows are great fun, and all the rompous adventure comes through loud and clear in their debut CD.

Bedtime Stories for pirates takes you on a journey of song and adventure as a new pirate recruit. The lyrics are good spirited, creative and funny. The skillful musicians don’t pander to the young or offer condescending, saccharin, or rehashed music. They have crafted bold original tunes and deliver them with heart and character. As you listen, it’s not hard to imagine yourself on the deck of a pirate ship with the wind in your hair and surrounded by your loyal crew mates.

The best part about this CD is that when your kids play it over and over again. (And they will.) It won’t drive you mad like other children’s music. There is enough here delivered in such a way to amuse, educate and entertain buccaneers of all ages. It is simply infectious and you may find that you are the one playing it over and over again.

Available at Amazon: Captain Bogg & Salty: Bedtime Stories for Pirates

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  1. Capt. Bogg and Salty is simply THE most popular family music band in Portland. They rock!

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