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Pirate-Opoly is board game for 2-4 buccaneers ages 5-8. It’s loosely reminiscent of that ‘other’ board game, but greatly simplified and sillified for kids.

The point of the game is to travel around the board collecting bits (money) and pirates deeds (property). Along the way, there are shouts of “Arrgh!”, bits and pirates trade hands, and children may need to do pirate impressions or follow other instructions on “Walk the Plank” cards.

The game ends when any pirate cannot pay what he owes. At that point, everyone counts up their bits and the one with the most wins.

You will probably want to play this game with your children the first few times, to help them with the rules. After that, kids should be able to enjoy it on their own as long as there is someone that can read the cards and count the money.

Available at Amazon: Pirate-Opoly

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