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Pieces of Eight – The Video

Pieces of 8ight is from the CD Pegleg Tango by Captain Bogg and Salty … [Read more...]


Pirate-Opoly is board game for 2-4 buccaneers ages 5-8. It's loosely reminiscent of that 'other' board game, but greatly simplified and sillified for kids. The point of the game is to travel around the board collecting bits (money) and pirates deeds (property). Along the way, there are shouts of "Arrgh!", bits and pirates trade hands, and children may need to do pirate impressions or follow … [Read more...]

Portland Pirate Festival – Portland, Oregon

I was just notified about the Portland Pirate Festival coming up on September 18-19, 2010. It sounds to me that if you're anywhere near the City of Roses, you won't want to miss it. For two straight days, Pirates will overrun Cathedral Park in the shadow of the St. Johns Bridge. There will be music, activities, entertainment, a 19th century privateer, cannon fights, and many costumed buskers. … [Read more...]

Maryland Renaissance Festival – Pirate Weekend 2010

The 34 Annual Maryland Renaissance Festival runs on weekends from August: 28 - October 24, 2010. While it is fun to go anytime, the weekend of September 25-26, 2010 is Pirate Adventure Weekend. Bring the whole family to the mythical village of Revel Grove (Nestled in the enchanted woods of Crownsville, Maryland). There is something for everyone at the Renn Fest: music, magic, art, crafts, … [Read more...]

Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake

Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake is a fun filled family outing. The children dress up as pirates and set sail for adventure in the historic Annapolis harbor. During the course of the 75 minute adventure the young buccaneers battle the dread Pirate Pete, search for sunken treasure, and finally make off with their share of the loot. It's an all around good time for the little pirates and the … [Read more...]

Captain Bogg and Salty – Bedtime Stories for Pirates

Captain Bogg and Salty are a pirate-themed band in Portland, Oregon. Their live shows are great fun, and all the rompous adventure comes through loud and clear in their debut CD. Bedtime Stories for pirates takes you on a journey of song and adventure as a new pirate recruit. The lyrics are good spirited, creative and funny. The skillful musicians don’t pander to the young or offer c … [Read more...]